The European ARC network

The ALMA Regional Centers (ARCs) are the main contact point between the ALMA observatory and the users, both before and after the observations (which are done in a service observing mode only). The European ARC is organized as a network, consisting of a core, located at ESO Gaching, and six scientific support nodes.  The European ALMA Newsletter is issued quarterly and contains information about developments of the ALMA project. 

The European ARC core and nodes (in alphabetic order) are:

(*) These institutes are acting on behalf of a consortium of several partners.

The core tasks (under the responsibility of the ESO ARC core) include: Phase 1 operations (call for proposals), Phase 2 operations (preparation of the technical details for the scheduling of the accepted projects), ALMA archive operations, data product support (i.e. data and software delivery), astronomers on-duty shift at the OSF, feedback to the observatory.

The additional tasks (to be provided by the ARC nodes) include: face-to-face support in a dedicated physical location, advanced user support (e.g. re-processing of large/complex datasets using e.g. modified pipeline versions), advanced software development and maintenace, help in archival research,
support for special projects, science community development *e.g. training for new users, schools, ALMA-related specific workshops).