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Service observing

To facilitate the execution of short (8 h) programmes, we propose ``service observing'' for some easy to observe (e.g. single source) programmes with only one set of tunings. The observing will be made by the IRAM staff, according to a pre-submitted observing plan (forms will be given when proposals are accepted). Please, if you are interested by this mode of observing, specify it as a ``special requirement'' in the proposal form (IRAM will decide which proposals will actually go to that mode). If you are located in Spain, France, or Germany, we will try to e-mail you, via IBERPAC, TRANSPAC, etc..., the spectra.30m files in quasi real-time; this excludes any intervention in the execution of the programme (see below for more details, page gif).

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 12:14:01 MET 1995