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In the last IRAM newsletter, we issued a call for comments on a change of syntax for the SIC monitor. Since no comment has been received so far, we have implemented the modification as part of the JAN95 release of the GILDAS software. This release is now available.

This release contains a number of new functionalities for PdBI data reduction, in particular new programs to merge single-dish data with interferometer data, specially in the case of mosaics.

The GILDAS software has also been ported to PCs running the LinUX operating system. Performances are good on 486-Dx2 machines for all data reduction stages of 30-m data. The compiled version occupies about 30 MBytes of disk space (in addition to the LinUX system itself). Final checks are going on to implement this porting as part of the JAN95 source code release. However, since compile and link time is long (about a day), we also hope to provide an archive file of a compiled, ready to execute version of GILDAS under LinUX.

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 12:14:01 MET 1995