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Electronic proposal submission

Astronomers interested in proposing observations with IRAM instruments may now use the new Web-based electronic submission facility. The previous ways of submitting proposals, postal mail and fax, are still available. We intend to replace these in the near future by electronic submission, following the procedure described below. Note that submissions by ordinary e-mail will not be accepted.

One of the main advantages of electronic submission is that proposals can be faithfully copied on paper. Proposals using greyscale figures are notoriously difficult to copy, particularly when sent by fax. It is stronly suggested that such proposals be submitted electronically. The program committee who was surprisingly tolerant in the past when confronted with unreadable figures may be less indulgent now.

All three types of proposal submission have the same deadline:


The principal investigator of each proposal will be notified shortly after the deadline by the scientific secretary that his/her proposal has been properly registered.

You will find all the instructions for the electronic proposal submission facility on the following Web-page:

The electronic submission facility will be enabled from the date of publication of this Newletter until the submission deadline.

Roberto Neri, Alain Perrigouard, Clemens Thum