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0.8mm Receiver

Depending on the number of requests and the advice from the Program Committee, the IRAM 345 GHz SIS receiver already in operation last winter will be made available for a limited period of time. Its characteristics are:

It can be operated either alone or, with some extra losses, simultaneously with A100 and A230. The rejection of the image sideband reduces the contribution of the atmosphere to the system noise temperature and significantly lowers the latter. Although system temperatures lower than 500 K were recorded last winter with precipitable water vapour below 1mm, we ask you to adopt the more conservative value of 1.5 mm of H tex2html_wrap_inline1342 O, or tex2html_wrap_inline1344 at 340 GHz, in your integration time calculations (see Fig. C.1 of the 30-m telescope manual). The values in the four last columns/lines of Table 4.3 of the 30-m telescope manual) should then be replaced by:

Freq(GHz) pwv[mm] tex2html_wrap_inline1346 tex2html_wrap_inline1348 tex2html_wrap_inline1350
340 1.5 0.4 720 0.059

for 10 min integration at an elevation of tex2html_wrap_inline1352 in a 1 MHz bandwidth.