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Proposal category

Proposals should be submitted for one of the four categories:

Proposals that ask for 1.3mm data only. 3mm receivers will be used for pointing and calibration purposes, but cannot provide any imaging.
Proposals that ask for 3mm data only. 1.3 mm receivers can still be used to provide either phase stability information or purely qualitative information such as the mere existence of fringes.
dual freq.:
Proposals that ask for dual-frequency observations.
Exploratory proposals: proposals whose scientific interest justifies the attempt to use the PdB array beyond its guaranteed capabilities. This category includes for example non-standard frequencies for which tuning cannot be guaranteed, non-standard configurations and more generally all non-standard observations. These proposals will be carried out on a ``best effort'' basis.

The proposal category will have to be specified on the proposal cover sheet and should be carefully considered by proposers.