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All antennas are equipped with fully operational dual frequency receivers. The available frequency range will be 82 GHz to 116 GHz for the 3mm band, and 210 to 245 GHz for the 1.3 mm band. The 3mm and 1.3mm receivers are aligned to within about 2''.

Below 110 GHz, receivers offer best performances in LSB tuning with high rejection (20 dB): expected system temperatures are (in tex2html_wrap_inline1392 scale) 100 to 150 K for the winter time. Above 110 GHz, best performances are obtained with USB tuning, low rejection (4 to 6 dB): expected system temperatures are 250 K at 115 GHz. DSB tuning is possible over the whole frequency range, but the system temperature may degrade significantly.

The 1.3 mm receivers give DSB tuning with typical T tex2html_wrap_inline1394 below 50 K. Expected SSB system temperatures are 250 to 350 K. The guaranteed tuning range is 210-245 GHz, but it may be possible to reach lower frequencies for specific cases. Higher frequencies are not feasible because of limitations in the triplers.