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Vacant Position

We invite applications for the position of

'Station Manager'

at IRAM-Granada. This position will be open early in 1999.

The IRAM-Granada station comprises the Pico Veleta Observatory as well as the Granada offices and laboratories.

The Pico Veleta Observatory with its 30m-diameter mm-wavelength telescope, its complement of receivers, backends and computers is operated as a facility which is open to astronomers from France, Germany and Spain, and from the worldwide astronomical community, on a competitive basis.

The IRAM-Granada station has a total staff of 27, including astronomers, telescope operators, engineers and technicians, and a small administration.

The successful candidate should have several years of experience as an astronomer and strong technical interests.

The working language at IRAM-Granada is English. The interaction with the Spanish authorities does, however, require a good knowledge of the Spanish language. While this is not a necessary condition, it will be one of the criteria on which the selection will be made.

Applications, including a CV, a list of publications and references, should be addressed to the IRAM Headquarters at :

attn. M. Grewing
300, rue de la Piscine
F-38406 St.Martin d'Heres

They should reach IRAM before September 15th, 1998.