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Program Committee recommendations

The results from the last PC meeting were send to the P.I. and are summarized below. The A programs will be scheduled in priority. The A/B programs will also be scheduled if feasible. Further time, if it becomes available, will go to the B programs, taking into account scientific merit, crowding in certain right ascension ranges and general aspects of balance. B proposals will only be started in case of available observing time.

Project Status
A: Accepted, B: Backup if time available, C: Rejected.

Projects are expected to start near November 15. Principal Investigators of accepted programs should URGENTLY contact S. Guilloteau to check their final setup. In particular, some frequency choices have to be made for proposals which require DSB tuning, because of the properties of the receiver of Antenna 4.


Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 12:42:24 MET 1995