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New Preprints

The following preprints are available from IRAM:

Dense gas in nearby galaxies VIII. The detection of OCS
R. Mauersberger, C. Henkel, Y.N. Chin
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

A direct image of wind interaction in the post-AGB evolution : CO observations of M1-92
V. Bujarrabal, J. Alcolea, R. Neri, M. Grewing
1994, Astrophys. Journal, Letters

CO in the magellanic-type irregular galaxy NGC 4214
R. Becker, C. Henkel, D.J. Bomans, T.L. Wilson
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

A keplerian disk around DM Tau ?
S. Guilloteau, A. Dutrey
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

Three dimensional iterative deprojection of asymmetrical planetary nebulae
M. Bremer
1994, in Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae Annals of the Israel Physical Society, Vol. 11 eds. A. Harpaz, N. Soker

Nucleosynthesis in AGB stars : observation of Mg and Mg in IRC+10216 and possible detection of Al
M. Guélin, M. Forestini, P. Valiron, L.M. Ziurys, M.A. Anderson
J. Cernicharo, C. Kahane
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

The molecular cloud content of early-type galaxies V. CO in elliptical galaxies
T. Wiklind, F. Combes, C. Henkel
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

Submillimeter CO spectroscopy of low mass young stellar objects
K.F. Schuster, A.P.G. Russell, A.F. Harris
1994, To appear in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Circumstellar Matter - Edinburgh, August 29th - September 2nd 1994

Determination of the pattern speed in the grand design spiral galaxy NGC 4321
M.J. Sempere, S. Garcia-Burillo, F. Combes, J. Knapen
1994, Astron. and Astrophys.

Robert Lucas
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