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1 GHz backend in the future

Further results have been achieved towards an observing band width of 1 GHz. An IF processor which allows the use of the two 512 MHz filter banks as one unit of 1 GHz has been tested and installed. The system is not yet usable at 1 GHz for observations due to other restrictions (warm IF amplifier chain, down converters). The processor logically divides the two 512 MHz filter banks in 4 units of 1 MHz each. In the future the four units can be connected individually or in combinations to different receivers, or can be used as one backend with a 1 GHz bandwidth. At the moment the observers will not notice any difference with the old setup of two filter banks. The full flexibility of the system can be used once the software will be able to support all available options.

Wolfgang WILD

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 12:42:24 MET 1995