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30m Manual available

A handbook for the 30m telescope, ``The 30m Manual'', is available now. This handbook has been written for both first time users and experienced users of the telescope. The manual does not intend to replace other, more detailed manuals (like the OBS manual, GAG software manuals etc.). It is rather a collection of useful information about the 30m telescope. Among other things, it describes antenna parameters, the receiver and backend system, data backup, and typical observing sessions. It also contains information about atmospheric opacities in the various frequency ranges, the pointing catalogue, and travel information to and from Granada.

Version 1.0 of the 30m Manual will be sent to the institutes and individuals who regularly receive the IRAM preprints. Updates of the manual will not be sent automatically in paper form. The latest version can be retrieved via WWW and Mosaic by connecting to the IRAM Grenoble home page ( and following the links, or via anonymous ftp. Connect through ftp to (or, username anonymous. Go to the directory /dist/30m and get the postscript file (file size 1.6 Mbyte). On a postscript printer you can print the file.