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More flexible configurations of the 1 MHz filter banks possible

A new IF processor allows to use the 1 MHz filter banks in a more flexible way: the 1 MHz filter banks are now split into 4 parts of MHz channels each. Any combination ( e.g. MHz = 1024 MHz, or MHz etc.) and any shift of the 4 subbanks relative to each other (in steps of 32 MHz) is possible. Each part can be connected to a different (or the same) receiver. Connecting the four parts in series provides a 1 GHz wide backend (at present only usable with 230G2). The distinction between ``first'' and ``second'' 1 MHz filter bank is not necessary any more. The previous OBS commands 1_1MHZ and 2_1MHZ are replaced by a single command 1MHZ. The syntax is similar to the autocorrelator command.