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Reminder: New telephone and fax numbers in Spain

On 4 April 1998, 1:00 h, all telephone and fax numbers in Spain have changed to nine digits. The former area code has become an integral part of fax and telephone numbers, i.e. from anywhere within Spain the same number has to be dialled (a system that is already in use in France for example). In the province of Granada, the present area code 958 has been added to all numbers. Also, telephone and fax numbers as dialled from outside Spain have changed. After the country code (34 for Spain), the digit 9 has to be inserted.

The telephone and fax numbers of IRAM Granada and the 30m telescope are the following:
(dialled from outside Spain, inside Spain drop the 34)

Granada office:

Tel +34-958 22 88 99 and +34-958 22 66 96
Fax +34-958 22 23 63

30m Telescope:

Tel +34-958 48 20 02
Fax +34-958 48 11 48