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We are sorry to report the death of


on Saturday, August 5, 2000, while he was in the medical centre 'Les petites Roches' in St. Hilaire. He leaves his wife and two daughters.

The illness, ALS, which has hit him so suddenly about three years ago, had more and more taken away his physical strength but his mind remained as clear and active as ever.

A ceremony will be held on Friday, August 11, in the `Centre Funéraire Intercommunal' in La Tronche. It was his wish that instead of flowers donations are made to the ALS foundation.

Jörn Wink had joined IRAM in 1987. His interest soon focussed on the Plateau de Bure Interferometer, and he helped to develop it into the powerful instrument that it today is. An obituary that will cover the different phases of his scientific career will appear in the next IRAM Newsletter.