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Figure: Identification of Hubble Deep Field submillimeter source HDF850.1 IRAM interferometer map of the dust 1.3mm (236.3GHz) continuum emission (contour lines) superimposed on a greyscale version of the BVI image from the Hubble Deep Field. Contours are at 0.75mJy (3$\sigma $), 1.25mJy (5$\sigma $), and 1.75 mJy (7$\sigma $). The cross marked SCUBA indicates the position and $3\sigma $ uncertainty of HDF 850.1 as given by Hughes et al. (1998, Nature, 394, 241). Small crosses with black dots indicate the positions and $1\sigma $ uncertainties of the VLA sources (Richards, ApJ, 513, L9) and the large cross marked ISO indicates the position and $1\sigma $ uncertainty of the ISOCAM 15$\mu $m source (Aussel et al., 1999, A&A, 342, 313). Optical objects are identified with their photometric redshifts, except for the source 3-577.0, which has a tentative spectroscopic redshift of 3.36 (from Downes et al. 1999, Astron. and Astrophys., 347, 809).