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New Preprints

The following preprints are available from IRAM:

CO absorption in the outer Galaxy
J. Lequeux, R.J. Allen, S. Guilloteau
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

Molecular observations of O- and C-rich circumstellar envelopes
V. Bujarrabal, A. Fuente, A. Omont
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

Dense molecular gas in ultraluminous and high redshift galaxies
S.J.E. Radford
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

The discrimination between O- and C-rich circumstellar envelopes from molecular observations
V. Bujarrabal, A. Fuente, A. Omont
1993 Astrophysical Journal. Letters

New radio recombination maser features and CO observations in MWC349
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

The spatial size of the SiO masers in R Leo derived from lunar occultations
J. Cernicharo, W. Brunswig, G. Paubert, S. Liechti
1993 Astrophysical Journal. Letters

Plateau de Bure observations of mm-wave molecular absorption from CO, HCO, and HCN
R. Lucas, H. Liszt
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

Images of the GG Tau rotating ring
A. Dutrey, S. Guilloteau, M. Simon
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

Observations of protostars and protostellar stages
P. André
1993 Proceedings of the XIIth Rencontres de Moriond, The Cold Universe

Gas response at the resonances in the grand design spiral NGC 4321
S. Garcia-Burillo, M.J. Sempere, F. Combes
1993 Astron. and Astrophys.

1.25mm continuum observations of very high redshift QSOs ; Dust at ?
R.G. McMahon, A. Omont, J. Bergeron, E. Kreysa, C.G.T. Haslam
1993 Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc.

Robert Lucas
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