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IRAM 30m Telescope System Summary

(January 1996)

Table 1: Antenna-related parameters

Table 2: Overview of spectral line SIS receivers

Table 3: Spectral line backends

Spectral line observing capabilities

Position switching: absolute and relative OFF positions possible
Raster mapping: position switching with several ON's (on a regular grid) per OFF
Wobbling secondary: max. 4 in azimuth at 0.25 Hz
Frequency switching: max. 45 km/s throw at max. 0.5 Hz, with 100 kHz filters and autocorrelator only
On-the-fly mapping: under development at the time of writing
Pointing: offset pointing = 0.5 (sources within 10), absolute pointing = 3, check every 2 hours.
Focus: residual errors 1 mm may need correction; receivers have the same focus except 230G2 (--0.5 mm difference). Check the focus at least at sunrise and sunset.