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New Preprints

millimeter-wavelength observations of compact steep-spectrum sources
H. Steppe, S. Jeyakumar, D.J. Saikia, C.J. Salter
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

The Plateau de Bure survey of galactic 3mm HCO absorption toward compact extragalactic continuum sources
R. Lucas and H.S. Liszt
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Millimeter-wave absorption studies of the onset of dark-cloud chemistry
R. Lucas and H.S. Liszt
1995 Communication presented in Tucson (May 1995)
`CO 25 Years of Millimeter Wave Spectroscopy'

A precessing jet in the l1157 molecular outflow
F. Gueth, S. Guilloteau, R. Bachiller
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

A search for CO emission in high redshift powerful radio galaxies
A.S. Evans, D.B. Sanders, J.M. Mazzarella, P.M. Solomon, D. Downes, C. Kramer, S.J.E. Radford
1995 Astrophys. Journal

Search for CO emission in globular clusters S. Leon and F. Combes
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Search for interstellar Glycine
F. Combes, Nguyen-Q-Rieu, G. Wlodarczak
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

First millimeter mapping of the jet and nucleus of M87
V. Despringre, D. Fraix-Burnet, E. Davoust
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

CO in the barred galaxy NGC 1530
D. Downes, D. Reynaud, P.M. Solomon, S.J.E. Radford
1995 Astrophys. Journal

Dust and gas distribution around T Tauri stars in Taurus-Auriga: I. Interferometric 2.7 mm continuum and CO J=1-0 observations
A. Dutrey, S. Guilloteau, G. Duvert, L. Prato, M. Simon, K. Schuster, E. Ménard
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

High resolution radio continuum polarization of M51
N. Neininger, C. Horellou
1995, Proc. of the Conference on Polarimetry of the Interstellar Medium, Troy, NY

Cold dust and molecular line emission in NGC 4565
N. Neininger, M. Guélin, S. Garcia-Burillo, R. Zylka, R. Wielebinski
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

The 30-m Manual: A Handbook for the IRAM 30-m Telescope (Version 1.0)
W. Wild
1995, October 27

The molecular envelope around 89 HER
J. Alcolea, V. Bujarrabal
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Water emission at 183 GHz from HH 7-11 and other low-mass star-forming regions
J. Cernicharo, R. Bachiller, E. Gonzalez-Alfonso
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

The filamentary structure of the interface between the atomic and the molecular phases in NGC 7023
A. Fuente, J. Martin-Pintado, R. Neri, C. Rogers, G. Moriarty-Schieven
1995 Astron. and Astrophys.

Resolution of the discrepancy in the CO(32) flux of IRAS F10214+4724
S.J.E. Radford, D. Downes, P.M. Solomon, J. Barrett, L.J. Sage
1996, Astronomical Journal

Non-thermal mm continuum emission from the radio galaxy B2 0902+343, and non-detection of CO(4--3)
D. Downes, P.M. Solomon, D.B. Sanders, A.S. Evans
1996 Astron. and Astrophys.

Mass loss in AGB stars
M. Guélin, R. Lucas, R. Neri
1996, Symposium IAU 170, CO: Twenty-five years of millimeter-wave spectroscopy Tucson, Arizona, 1995

Herbig-Haro jets, CO flows, and CO bullets: the case of HH 111
J. Cernicharo, Bo Reipurth
1996, ApJ Letters

Determination of the spectral response of SIS-junctions by a direct detection measurement
K.-F. Schuster, H. Rothermel
1996, J. of Infrared & MM-Waves

CO lines from giant arcs in clusters
F. Casoli, P. Encrenaz, B. Fort, P. Boissé, Y. Mellier
1996, Astron. and Astrophys.


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