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Weather at Pico Veleta

The winter hit with all his strength most of Spain (as well as the rest of Europe). In the Sierra Nevada, after the early heavy snow falls of September and October, there was even more snow in December. From December 10 to January 11, only a few hours of observations were possible due to the persistent bad weather: the whole 7-channel bolometer session in December was lost, and following heterodyne observers were not much luckier. By now an average of about 3 meters of snow has accumulated in the telescope area, with snow heights up to 8 meters in some places. The heavy and abundant rain falls in the south of Spain caused floods, significant losses for the agricultural sector, and road damage.

On January 11, the weather finally became excellent. As usual, however, observers coming to the 30m telescope should bring a warm jacket and good shoes.

Wolfgang WILD