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IRAM Astronomy Postdoctoral Position - Scientific Software Group

The Institute for Millimetre Radio Astronomy (IRAM) in Grenoble (France) seeks to fill an Astronomy Postdoctoral Position to work on the development of the CLASS scientific software.

Operating two of the largest and most technologically advanced instruments in the world, a 30-meter single-dish telescope (located in the Sierra Nevada, Spain), and an interferometer of six 15-meter antennas (located in the French Alps), IRAM ( offers a competitive environment to do cutting-edge research in (sub)-millimeter astronomy. IRAM staff astronomers are in contact with worldwide researchers who come acquiring or reducing their data either in Spain and France. IRAM also offers multiple connections with ALMA ( as a key player in its construction.

CLASS is a GILDAS ( software for reduction and analysis of (sub)-millimeter spectroscopic data. It is used daily to reduce spectra acquired with the IRAM 30m telescope, but also many other facilities (e.g. Effelsberg, HHT, CSO, APEX, ...). CLASS will be able to read the Herschel/HIFI data format and efforts are being made to read spectra from other telescopes (Nobeyama, MOPRA).

IRAM is searching for candidates with a PhD in astronomy or in a related field. Candidates should have experience in (sub)-millimeter radio astronomy and scientific programing (e.g. FORTRAN90). The successful candidate is expected to contribute 50% of his/her working time to extend the capabilities of CLASS. The candidate will have to develop new algorithms for the data reduction and analysis of both large scale mapping with multi-beam receivers and line-survey with single-pixel receivers. This work will be done in collaboration with the GILDAS team (about six astronomers and two software engineers). The successful candidate will have regular contact with the IRAM staff in Spain and staff of other facilities using CLASS.

The successful candidate will have 50% of his/her working time to conduct his/her own research, in particular with the 30m telescope and the Plateau de Bure interferometer. The current main fields of interest of the IRAM astronomy group are observational cosmology, physics and chemistry of the interstellar medium, properties of proto-planetary disks and outflows and circumstellar envelopes around evolved stars.

The appointment is initially for two years with a possibility of extension, starting January 01, 2008. Adequate research resources, including travel funding, will be provided. To apply, please send curriculum vitae, bibliography and statement of research interests, and arrange for three letters of reference. Applications should be submitted no later than September 30th, 2007 for full consideration.

Email submission: indigo$@$
- Mrs. Brigitte Indigo, Personnel Department
Email inquires: pety$@$
- Dr. Jérôme Pety, GILDAS manager

Pierre COX and Jérôme PETY

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