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The MPIfR Bolometer array

A bolometer array with 7 or more channels, built by the MPIfR, will be made available around February 1995 to external users for a period of 3--4 weeks (see [11] for a description of the MPIfR 7-channel array used last year at the 30 m telescope). Each channel will have a sensitivity of mJy s under very good weather conditions and a HPBW of 11'--12".

The bolometer will normally be operated by wobbling at 2 Hz the secondary mirror in azimuth. As the array is fixed in Nasmyth coordinates, the orientation of the 7 beams with respect to the sky and to the chopping direction changes with elevation. Software will be made available at the telescope and in Granada for data reduction.

The IRAM 1.2 mm single-channel bolometer will normally not be available during this session.

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:24:13 MET 1995