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The JUN94 software release was made available on June 3. Some bugs were discovered in CLIC and CLASS since that time and have been corrected as follows:

Improvements have been made in CLIC (antenna based calibration), CLASS (commands MEMORIZE and RETRIEVE are back, command POPUP improved), MAPPING (a new program for deconvolution of Plateau de Bure images), ASTRO (ephemerides up to year 3000 and beyond), and documentation (usage of the Mosaic software under X-Windows).

The new release incorporates support for DEC-Alpha machines operating under OSF-1. Most major programs (not CLIC) have been successfully tested, but most tasks have just been ``blindly'' ported and not tested. Users should be aware of a major bug in the Alpha run-time library: the last line of a formatted file cannot be read in Fortran... This can be rather damaging in procedures. We hope DEC will cure this bug very quickly.


Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:24:13 MET 1995