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New receivers

The intense activity which went on during April (see May 95 newsletter) has been followed by another period of dual frequency receiver installations. The last receiver was installed in less than 48 hours: Antenna 3 was brought in the hall on May 22, 6 h T.U. with the old receiver still working. The same antenna, with the new receiver fully functional was brought out of the hall on May 23 18 h T.U. and fringes (at both frequencies, with 4 antennas) were obtained less than an hour later.

All antennas are now equipped with fully functional dual-frequency receivers. Receiver performance is as expected from the lab, with (DSB) around 40 K, yielding (SSB) about 120 K below 110 GHz, 250 K at 115 GHz and 400-600 K at 230 GHz.

The relative pointing of the 3mm and 1.3mm receivers is within 10. Further adjustment will probably not be attempted before next winter.

Robert Lucas
Fri Jul 7 18:58:08 METDST 1995