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New Preprints

The following preprints are available from IRAM:

ammonia emission from bow shocks in the L1157 outflow
M. Tafalla, R. Bachiller
1995, Astrophys. Journal

High density CN filaments in NGC 2023
A. Fuente, J. Martin-Pintado, R. Gaume
1995, ApJ. Letters

An extremely high velocity multipolar outflow around IRAS 20050+2720
R. Bachiller, A. Fuente, M. Tafalla
1995, ApJ. Letters

A 3D iterative deprojection technique
M. Bremer
1995, A & A Supplement Series

Cold dust emission from the spiral arms of M51
M. Guélin, R. Zylka, P.G. Mezger, C.G.T. Haslam, E. Kreysa
1995, Astron. and Astrophys.

Detection of MgCN in IRC+10216: A new metal-bearing free radical
L.M. Ziurys, A.J. Apponi, M. Guélin, J. Cernicharo
1995, Astron. and Astrophys.

SETI at the spin flip line frequency of positronium
R. Mauersberger, T.L. Wilson, R.T. Rood, T.M. Bania, H. Hein, A. Linhart
1995, Astron. and Astrophys.

Molecular distribution and kinematics
in nearby galaxies: I. NGC 253
R. Mauersberger, C. Henkel, R. Wielebinski, T. Wiklind, H.-P. Reuter
1995, Astron. and Astrophys.

Plateau de Bure observations of HL Tau: Outflow motions in a remnant circumstellar envelope
S. Cabrit, S. Guilloteau, P. André, C. Bertout, T. Montmerle, K Schuster
1995, Astron. and Astrophys.

Robert Lucas
Fri Jul 7 18:58:08 METDST 1995