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The radio link between Granada and Pico Veleta

The link between the two computer networks in Granada and at the 30m telescope is normally done with a microwave link at 64 kBaud. We use the link to connect the two LANs with remote bridges. This implies that Decnet and TCP/IP can be used over this link. Unfortunatly, the radio link broke down in May, and as the manufacturer of the equipment does not exist anymore we have serious problems in getting it repaired. As a backup we use a modem at 19200 Baud. This connection only offers DecNet between Granada and the telescope. Because it cannot be used for TCP/IP there is no direct access to Internet from the 30m telescope at the moment. We have ordered an ISDN (digital) telephone line for the telescope and will use it in the future to link the remote bridges at 64 kBaud.

Robert Lucas
Fri Jul 7 18:58:08 METDST 1995