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Call for Observing Proposals on the 30m Telescope

The next deadline for the submission of observing proposals for the IRAM 30 m telescope is September 9th, 1996, midnight (24 h). The observing session will extend from Nov. 15, 1996 to May 15, 1997\ and cover roughly the `winter' period at Pico Veleta. Three types of proposals will be considered:

i) proposals at 3 mm, 2 mm and 1.2-1.3 mm wavelength using heterodyne receivers,

ii) proposals at 0.8 mm wavelength using a heterodyne receiver,

iii) proposals at 1.3 mm wavelength using a bolometer. The bolometer will be a 19 channel array belonging to the MPIfR.

Roughly 3000 hours of observing time will be available, which should allow scheduling of several time consuming (e.g. 90-150 h) programmes with emphasis on 1.3 mm observations.

The 30-m telescope efficiency is low at 0.8 mm ( tex2html_wrap_inline1234 ) and the power radiated in the error beam twice larger than in the main beam. Pointing can also be marginal at this short wavelength in case the atmosphere is unstable.The 0.8 mm proposals should discuss the effect of the error beam and of pointing errors on their observations.

Please, find below some relevant information.