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A new dual frequency (86-116 GHz/200-250 GHz) receiver will replace the 3mm1 and 230G1 receivers. Its performances will be better than those of the present receivers, but are not yet precisely known. We ask you therefore to use the current 3mm1 and 230G1 noise figures (see below) for the calculation of integration times. The 3mm and 1.3mm channels of this new receiver have the same polarizations as the current 3mm1 and 230G1, and can be used simultaneously either with the 2mm receiver, or the 3mm2 and 230G2 receivers (see below).

The 19-channel MPIfR bolometer will again be available this winter, presumably between December and March. This receiver showed good performance during last year's observing run, although signals weaker than 2-3 mJy/beam turned out difficult to detect and map reliably. This limitation is currently under study at Bonn and improvements can be expected in the future.