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Data Reduction

because of an offset in the phase lock loop which was not compensated for in the software, old spectral correlator data are shifted by 97.656 kHz. Velocities must be corrected downwards (blueshifted) for LowerSideBand, upwards (redshifted) for UpperSideBand.

Improved computer facilities in Grenoble allow several data reductions to be carried out simultaneously. Investigators are requested to contact S.Guilloteau to schedule the data reduction in Grenoble.

Users of CLIC who have a copy of the software at there home institutes are warned that the UV table creation was bugged in releases earlier than FEB94. They should get the FEB94 release.

In Newsletter number 12, a ``Call for interest'' was issued about the opportunity to carry on a second workshop on PdB data reduction since the first (and so far only) one was carried out already 3 years ago. I am somewhat disappointed to report that I did not receive a single answer.


Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:41:52 MET 1995