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A new SIS mixer for the 230 Ghz G2 receiver at the 30-m telescope

  The new mixer design goals have been fixed as follows:

  1. Low noise operation in the frequency range 210 - 245 GHz LO.
  2. SIS mixer should be tunable to single sideband operation in the whole 210--245 GHz band.
  3. Stable receiver output power in DSB and SSB operation.
The principal feature of this design is the use of individual inductive tuning of the SIS junctions and optimization of the mixer circuit elements, with the aim of having a simple tuning for the SSB operation and of insuring the stability of the receiver operation in SSB mode across the RF band. Special attention has been paid to get the optimal operation around the most commonly used frequencies, 220 and 230 GHz.

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:41:52 MET 1995