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New telephone and fax numbers for Pico Veleta

The Spanish telephone company Telefónica changed the telephone and fax numbers for the 30m telescope in the first week of March without prior notice. The numbers for the IRAM Granada office remain unchanged. The old numbers for the telescope worked on certain days in parallel with the new numbers, but from now on, only the new numbers can be used. In addition, there will be another change of the telephone number on April 15th.

These are the new fax and telephone numbers for Pico Veleta:
(the numbers for the Granada office remain unchanged)

New fax number:
Fax +34-58-481148

Telephone number until 30 April 1997:
Tel. +34-58-481211 and +34-58-481250

Telephone number from 15 April 1997:
Tel. +34-58-482002

From April 15 to 30, we should have three telephone numbers in parallel for the 30m telescope. If you cannot reach Pico Veleta by telephone or fax, please call the Granada office to inquire (Telefónica may have changed the numbers again ...).