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To start solving the long standing problem of ``pinholes'' in the conductive layer of the carbon fibre panels equipping antennas 1 to 4, we have completely re-equipped antenna 3 with aluminum panels identical to those of Antenna 5. Holography and surface adjustment will be performed as soon as weather conditions allow.

Although not all carbon fibre panels on this antenna required replacement, all were replaced to provide an homogeneous antenna surface. The valid carbon-fibre panels will be used next summer to replace the most severely affected panels on antenna 1,2 and 4. We then intend to repair all damaged carbon fibre panels by removing the Hostaflon layer and applying conductive (silver-based) and protective paints. This set of panels will eventually be used for Antenna 6.

The maintenance of all antennas is now complete. Surface adjustments have been performed for the inner 4 rings of antenna 1. Adjustment of rings 5 and 6 and holographic verifications are planned for antennas 1 and 2.