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Arrivals and Departures

Manfred MALZACHER has retired on July tex2html_wrap_inline1030 , 1997 after having been Head of the IRAM Administration for more than 15 years. His successor, Michael LANGE has joined IRAM on July tex2html_wrap_inline988 , and since tex2html_wrap_inline988 he is the new Head of the IRAM Administration.

Mrs. Bernadette CROZET has retired on September 30th. She had been working in the IRAM Administration since 1986.

On October tex2html_wrap_inline1030 Karl-Heinz GUNDLACH will retire. He joined IRAM in 1982 to build up the SIS laboratory.

The astronomers' group will have two new members: Dieter NUERNBERGER, a Ph.D. student at the University of Wuerburg will arrive on November tex2html_wrap_inline988 with a grant from the German Science Foundation. On December tex2html_wrap_inline988 , Michael DUMKE will join the group as a postdoc with a CNRS/MPG Stipendium.

As a temporary replacement for Mrs. Catherine BERJAUD, Mrs. Annelise JOST has been hired in the Administration Group as a new secretary.

Mr. Karim BOUYOUCEF will join the Computer Group on November tex2html_wrap_inline988 to work on scientific software.