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Winter transport to the telescope

As every year, we are preparing for the winter at Pico Veleta. So far (as of September 25) no snow has fallen, but temperatures are dropping as a clear sign that the autumn has arrived. Below you find the schedule for the normal winter transport, i.e. when the cable car is operating (typically from December, possibly earlier if a lot of snow falls). During the transition period (i.e. with snow, but without cable car), the transport has to be organized in a very flexible way. We would like to ask visiting astronomers to the 30m telescope to plan their trips during this period with enough margin to account for delayed transport to and from the telescope.



Departure from Departure from
Granada Office the Telescope
Monday 08:15 10:45
Tuesday 08:15 10:45 and 16:15
Wednesday No transport tex2html_wrap_inline645 No transport tex2html_wrap_inline645
Thursday 10:00 16:15
Friday 08:15 10:45 and 16:15
Table: Transport to the 30m Telescope: Winter 1997/98 schedule
(subject to modification on short notice due to operational reasons)

tex2html_wrap_inline645 Person transport (morning hours) may be available only after contact and agreement with IRAM-Granada (Javier Lobato).