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1.3 mm receiver problems during July/August

The months of July and August brought a few receiver problems. In July the 1.3 mm G2 receiver suddenly degraded seriously, and after several tests it was clear that we had to replace the mixer. The receiver group in Grenoble could supply a replacement on short notice, and the G2 receiver was back in operation after 10 days. Unfortunately, the receiver is not as stable as it used to be. We are investigating the cause for the different behaviour.

Then, at the beginning of August the backshort of the 1.3 mm G1 mixer broke mechanically and had to be replaced. Because a spare backshort was available, the repair (including warm-up, cool-down, and testing) took only five days. The 1.3 mm G1 receiver performance is as before.

Robert Lucas
Mon Sep 18 09:50:01 METDST 1995