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New Appointments to the IRAM Programme Committee

After having served for three or more years on the IRAM Programme Committee, the terms of L. Blitz, V. Bujarrabal, P. Cox, and U. Klein have come to an end or will shortly do so.

The IRAM Executive Council, together with IRAM, gratefully acknowledges the valuable advice that these colleagues have given to the IRAM Direction on the scientific merit and timeliness of observing proposals received for both the 30m-telescope and the Plateau de Bure Interferometer.

As new members of the Programme Committee, the Council has appointed J.Alcolea / Alcala de Henares (Madrid), R.Bender / Muenchen, J.H.Black /O nsala, and F.Casoli / Paris, who will start serving on the IRAM P.C. at the next meeting, in October this year, or in the spring of 1997.