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Apr 9 - Apr 23

Ident. Title Freq. (GHz) Authors
197.95 Multifrequency monitoring of the gamma-bright blazar 0716+71 230,90,150 Wagner, Witzel, Krichbaum, Wild, Kramer, Quirrenbach
tex2html_wrap_inline898 04.96 Observations of Comet C/1996B2 Hyakutake at the 30m telescope bolometer Bockelee-Morvan, Biver, Colom, Crovisier, Gerard, Rauer, Despois
203.95 mm wave recombination lines from external galaxies 99,135,231 Viallefond, Anantharamaiah, Goss, Zhao
236.95 A search for a new Fe-containing radical, FeCO 137,154,163 Kasai, Kawaguchi
122.95 NGC 2146 : Kinematic evidences of a merger-triggered starburst 110,220 Neininger, Greve, Klein, McKeith
235.95 Observation of the H tex2html_wrap_inline874 CN and HC tex2html_wrap_inline912 N(3-2) lines on Titan 88,115,220,258,259 Marten, Hidayat, Paubert, Bezard
159.95 On the origin of high velocity SiO maser emission from late-type stars 86,129,230 Baudry, Alcolea, Cernicharo, Herpin