Financial support is granted to visiting astronomers from institutions in the IRAM member states on a PDBI data reduction mission to Grenoble. IRAM provides free transportation, board and lodging to these astronomers.

Only under exceptional circumstances, financial support can be provided for an additional astronomer, and after prior consent by IRAM.


1.     Scientists from the IRAM member states


·        France : Astronomers working at French observatories and universities

·        Germany : Astronomers working at Max-Planck institutes. Astronomers working at German universities may also be eligible to travel reimbursement, provided they fill in a special form, to be returned to Cathy Berjaud (fax :

·        Spain : Astronomers working at the Instituto Geografico Nacional.


2.     Rules for reimbursement


In general, the Visiting Astronomers will make the flight arrangements themselves for the travel between their home institute and Grenoble.

The conditions for reimbursement of travel expenses are :


a)     Travel Conditions :


Before booking any travel ticket, please consult the IRAM visitors’ web page Visitors Schedule. No more than 2 groups, i.e. 4 people, can be received at the same time. Only under certain circumstances, support for additional groups will be organized.

IRAM reimburses one mission per project according to the following regulations :



·        The reimbursement of flight tickets is made on the basis of the lowest price available for a roundtrip. This condition usually requires to stay overnight from Saturday to Sunday, and to freeze travel dates. The authorisation by IRAM must be obtained for any exception to this regulation.

·        Public transportation (generally bus shuttle) from and to the airport, should be used. Taxis are reimbursed only if a bus or train service is not available at the time of flights (please keep all receipts).


For any information or help, please contact Gaby Marcoux or Cathy Berjaud.




If a private car is used, the reimbursement will be made on the basis of 2nd class train fare.

Organisation and cost of any additional trip, e.g. stop-over on the way to Grenoble, shall be at the charge of the visiting astronomer.


b)      Accomodation :


·        Two guestrooms are currently available at IRAM.

·        In case the rooms are not available, hotel accommodation will be provided. Usually, the hotel is paid directly by the visitor, who will be reimbursed later.


Reservation for guest rooms or hotel rooms should be made 3 weeks in advance by contacting Cathy Berjaud.


c)      Reimbursement procedure :


Arriving at IRAM, the visitor will receive a travel claim form which is to be filled in and returned to the IRAM administration, Service des Missions, 300 rue de la Piscine – 38406 Saint-Martin adheres – France with tickets and all necessary bills and receipts.


  1. Not supported astronomers


When free board, lodging and travel are not provided by IRAM, the charges are as follows :


o       Taxi Geneva-Grenoble                                               160 km, roughly 230 euros

o       Taxi Lyon-Grenoble                                                   100 km, roughly 160 euros

o       Train Return ticket Geneva – Grenoble                       100 km, 40 euros

o       Train Return ticket Lyon St-Exupery – Grenoble         30 euros          

o       Lodging at IRAM                                                       12 euros

o       Meals in the proximity of IRAM                                 about 8 euros