Plateau de Bure Interferometer

List of Traps during Data Reduction

(Please read carefully this file, it should help in case of problems)

Under CLIC, using the `` Standard Calibration Procedure''

  • Temporal phase calibration:  It must be in mode INTERNAL for the rec1 and EXTERNAL for rec2.
  • Radiometric phase correction: To be applied, the option ``phase atm'' must be set to YES.
  • Never try to calibrate the receiver 2 alone! It will fail...
  • Under CLIC, using `` Write a UV Table''

  • Temporal Phase calibration: Never apply an INTERNAL mode for rec2. Using the procedure, the default is properly set to EXTERNAL.
  • Atm phase correction: Check that you are doing something which is in agreement with the calibration you performed (YES or NO, depending of what you did).
  • Scan Range: When updating your table (adding new data), check that the scan range is correct.