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Staff Changes

IRAM Grenoble

The astronomers group welcomes Takeshi NAKAZATO, who has arrived in August at IRAM to work for three years as a postdoc. Besides astronomical topics, he will also work on the ALMA instrumental calibration. Another new arrival is Edwige CHAPILLON who has started her astronomy thesis in October.

After six months of hard work on her physics and astronomy diploma, Lena LINDT has returned to Germany to prepare for her exams. We wish her all the best for her present and future projects.

Amélie TELLIEZ has left the receiver group at the end of November. We wish her all the best for her future career.

Christine DUMÉE has arrived in the administration at the end of November to replace Claude VIANEY-LIAUD during her sabbatical leave.

Michael BREMER

New Task Assignments

Roberto NERI has been appointed recently as Project Scientist for the Plateau de Bure Interferometer. In the next years, the PdBI will become a 'new' instrument with renewed capabilities in terms of angular resolution, sensitivity and frequency coverage due to the extension of both the northern and eastern baselines and due to the replacement of the current receivers by a set of new generation receivers. The interferometer will therefore remain a world-class instrument for many years and enable cut-edging science to be done. Both the current developments and the possible future enhancements of the PdBI require a high level of coordination and planning, which will be the main task of the newly appointed Project Scientist.

Jan-Martin WINTERS will take over the previous responsibilities of Roberto Neri as Scientific Coordinator of the Plateau de Bure interferometer starting as of January 1st, 2006. His main tasks include the scheduling of astronomical observations at the PdBI, the coordination of technical actions as required for efficient daily operations at the Plateau de Bure, and the local contact support for visiting astronomers.

Pierre COX

IRAM Granada

Stephane LEON has started his duties as astronomer in IRAM Spain as of October 15th 2005. His main duty will be to manage the observing pool.

In March 2005 Felipe LARA from the logistics group has retired. We wish him all the best, in particular good health.

María MORENO will be hired as a cook starting in January 2006.


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