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Personnel Changes

IRAM Granada

Manuela "Manolita" Aguila has retired in May 2003. She has been chief cook at Pico Veleta Observatory right from its beginnings. Visitors to the observatory appreciated her cooking with typical Andalusian food such as her famous Paella. We wish Manolita all the best, especially good health.

Carmen Ruiz (many visitors know her already as substitute cook) was hired as cook and cleaner for the Pico Veleta Observatory starting in October 2003. On December 1st 2003, Miguel Angel Perez-Torres started as a Ramon y Cajal Fellow at Pico Veleta observatory.


IRAM Grenoble

On December 31st, Philippe SABON has left the IRAM SIS group. We wish him all the best for his future career.

The astronomer's group welcomes Aris KARASTERGIOU, who has arrived on February 1st to work for six months as a visiting astronomer at IRAM.

Michael BREMER