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Workshop on Millimeter VLBI in Granada

Second Workshop on Millimeter VLBI (1999)

Granada - Spain, 27 - 29 May 1999

Following the successful worshop on mm-VLBI held in Boston 1996, we have decided to organize a Second Workshop on Millimeter VLBI, to be held in Granada/Spain from 27 May to 29 May this year. The meeting will be organized by IRAM-CMVA-MPIfR, and will include a visit to the 30-m telescope.

The workshop will concentrate mainly on technical aspects of mm-vlbi, observations and data reduction, supplemented by presentations of recent scientific results. It is intended to discuss also organisational aspects of mm-vlbi.

The number of participants is limited to 30 - 40 persons.

Tentative Agenda of the workshop

-- I. Day --

[Registration, Welcoming Remarks]
A. 3 mm :
Source Surveys
Imaging and Monitoring of AGNs and Jets
Line Observations (Masers, absorption lines)
B. 2 mm and 1 mm :
General Status, Sensitivity, Future Activities, Recent Results
SgrA *

-- II. Day --


Observatory Reports
Transition to Thin Tapes, Transition to MkIV
Data Reduction and Correlator Availability
New Data Reduction Techniques and Software
Atmosphere Correction (opacity, phase correction, calibration)

Review of CMVA Activities
Scheduling of Observations, New Observing Facilities (VLBA, HHT, ...)
Time Table of Annual Observing Sessions

Summary of the Meeting: DECISIONS and RECOMMENDATIONS

-- III. Day --
Visit to the 30-m Telescope

For further information, please contact A. Greve (IRAM) and T. Krichbaum (MPIfR).

For registration and title of any presentation/poster please send Name, (e-mail) Address, and Title
until 15 March 1999 to: and/or

IRAM Grenoble (France) and Granada (Spain)
CMVA Haystack (USA)
MPIfR Bonn (Germany)

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