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Status of the receiver cabin upgrade

According to the baseline plan, starting Monday, Sep 1, we will irreversibly tex2html_wrap1282 remove most of the existing optics and receivers (M3 and M4 will be spared, however...). Part of the final new configuration will be installed, i.e. the central divider, two dual-channel receivers A/B 100/230, together with the ``old'' 2mm receiver. The ``worst'' of the three 100/230 receivers will be in Grenoble for improvements, and will therefore not be available as a backup spare on the site.

At present the second B100/B230 dual channel receiver is undergoing detailed characterization of the mixer performance, and the test assembly of the receiver cabin optics is nearing completion. What remains to be done is the alignment of the optics of the second dual receiver, and, if possible, the RF and optical alignment of the third dual channel (also 100/230).

Implementation of the new dual C/D 150/270 receivers (129-174/245-290 GHz) is foreseen for the summer of 1999.

B.LAZAREFF reporting for the contributing teams.