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Installation of the #1 Dual-channel Receiver at the 30-m Telescope.

A new, dual-channel receiver has been installed at the 30-m telescope. It is the first of four similar receivers that will be implemented as part of a general refurbishment of the 30-m receiver cabin. For the time being, the #1 dual-channel is installed in the ``old'' cabin optics, and it replaces 3mm1 and 230G1. The installation and initial commissioning took place between May 25 and June 1.

The successful installation of that new receiver results from the efforts of several groups at IRAM : besides the Receiver group, the SIS, Design/Workshop, and Computer groups provided essential contributions. This receiver, and the design of the future receiver cabin of which it is the forerunner also owe a lot to James Lamb, previously head of the Receiver group.