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Personnel Changes

IRAM Grenoble

Jérôme PETY has joined the astronomer's group as a postdoc, and Melanie KRIPS has started a diploma thesis on gravitational lenses in collaboration with the University of Köln. Stephane CLAUDE has joined the receiver group for work on the ALMA project. Dave MORRIS and Dietmar PLATHNER have retired. Dave Morris has agreed to continue to work on frequency protection matters and on holography as needed. Anne DUTREY will leave IRAM at the end of the year to return to the Observatoire de Grenoble.


IRAM Granada

There are two new cooperants at IRAM Granada: Alexandre DUFLOS will be working in the computer group and also join the on-going project to understand the residual thermal and gravitational deformations of the antenna. Frédéric DAMOUR will be working as a friend of the telescope in the astronomy group.