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New Task Assignments / Personnel Changes

IRAM Grenoble

IRAM Newsletter:
Michel Guélin's new responsibilities as Deputy Director of IRAM made it necessary to appoint a new Editor for the IRAM Newsletters. Michael BREMER has accepted this task, and this is the first issue under his editorship.

The Newsletter is not only an efficient means for distributing information about the IRAM instruments to the community, for inviting observing proposals for the 30m telescope and for the Plateau de Bure Interferometer, but also for highlighting scientific results before they are generally available in refereed journals. It can also serve as a platform for informing a wide community about new projects, and for discussion. In all this, the Editor relies on the active support from many colleagues, and I hope that this help will be given to him!

Training Program for Millimeter-Interferometry:
Anne DUTREY has been appointed as co-ordinator for a special training program for interferometry at mm-wavelengths which aims, in the short-term at increasing the community that uses the Plateau de Bure Interferometer, and in the longer-term as part of the preparations on the European side for the ALMA project. Details of this program are given in this newsletter.

Interferometer Calibration Software CLIC:
Raphael MORENO will as of now be in charge of maintaining the CLIC software together with Robert LUCAS who will devote 50% of his time to the ALMA project.

Bolometer-Array Software NIC:
Since the beginning of the year, Helmut WIESEMEYER is supporting the maintenance and further development of the NIC software together with Roberto NERI, Dominique BROGUIERE, and Albrecht SIEVERS. Since all four have also several other obligations, the support of the NIC software is a part-time effort.


IRAM Granada

Gilles NICCOLINI will leave IRAM Granada in January 2000. He has been a cooperant in the astronomy group, and many of our visiting astronomers have appreciated his help during his frequent AoD shifts. Christophe RISACHER, our cooperant in the receiver group, will leave IRAM Granada in April 2000. We wish both of them much success in their future careers.

We welcome two new cooperants: Bertrand THOMAS has started work with the receiver group, and Pierre HILY-BLANT has joint the astronomy group as a new member.


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