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Fifth IRAM millimeter interferometry school - a review

The fifth IRAM millimeter interferometry school took place in Grenoble, October 2-6 2006. This event was supported by RadioNet. Seventy participants attended the lectures which presented the millimeter interferometry techniques and data reduction, the Plateau de Bure interferometer, and the ALMA project. Calibration and imaging tutorials were also organized to allow participants to reduce real Plateau de Bure data, and to take a guided tour of the IRAM Grenoble laboratories. Many participants presented recent work in posters (Fig. 3).

The lectures given during the week are now available on-line at:

The next IRAM millimeter interferometry school will be organized in 2008.

Frédéric GUETH and Michael BREMER

Figure: Some impressions from the fifth IRAM interferometry school: Group photo, lectures, tutorials, and poster session.