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Call for Observing Proposals for the 30-m Telescope

The next deadline for the submission of observing proposals for the IRAM 30 m telescope is Tuesday, March 1st 1994 . Accepted programmes will be scheduled between May 15th and November 15th, 1994. Roughly 3000 h of observing time will be available during this 6 month session, which should allow an easier scheduling of time consuming (e.g. 90--150 h) programmes. No new call for `key programmes' is issued for the session. Please find below some relevant information as well as a copy of the proposal form.

The observing session will cover roughly the `summer' period at Pico Veleta. We do not plan to schedule bolometer or 0.8 mm heterodyne observations; therefore, only proposals for 3 mm, 2 mm and 1.2--1.3 mm wavelengths using heterodyne receivers will be considered. A bolometer array (most likely, a 37-channel array) and the 0.8 mm SIS receiver will be available during the next `winter' observing session, which will extend from November 15th 1994 to May 15th 1995. Proposals for the winter session should be sent only after the next Call for Proposals, which will describe the performances of the instruments, has been issued (deadline September 15th, 1994). Please, note that we do not completely rule out the possibility to install and schedule for a short period of time during the summer session the IRAM single channel bolometer should a special event give scientific reason to do so.

A quarter-wave plate polarimeter, allowing to switch between left and right circular polarizations, has been built for e.g. Zeeman splitting measurements. This polarimeter, now under test, should be available for the May--November 1994 session (please indicate that you request it on the line `special requirements' of the proposal form).

Robert Lucas
Thu Mar 9 14:51:14 MET 1995