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Proposal ratings for summer 2007

The IRAM program committee convened in Grenoble on April 10 and 11 to discuss the proposals submitted for the summer 2007 scheduling period. The committee was chaired by Fabian Walter. The principal investigators of each proposal have been informed by letter which included comments issued by the committee if there are any. As usual, the proposals were classified A (accepted), B (backup), and C (rejected).

Plateau de Bure Interferometer Proposals

A total of 90 proposals were received for the interferometer, which is the highest number ever submitted for the summer period (Tab. 1). Proposals rated A will be scheduled in priority. Further time, if it becomes available, will go to the B programs, taking into account scientific merit, crowding in certain right ascension ranges and general aspects of balance.

For proposals rated A or B which do not have an IRAM internal collaborator, please consult the list of local contacts.

Table 1: IRAM PdBI proposal ratings for summer 2007. A: Accepted, B: Backup, C: Rejected
Project Rate Project Rate Project Rate Project Rate Project Rate Project Rate
R001 B R002 B R003 A R004 B R005 C R006 B
R007 B R008 C R009 C R00A C R00B A$^\dagger$ R00C C
R00D A R00E A R00F B R010 A R011 B R012 C
R013 A R014 A$^\dagger$ R015 B R016 C R017 B R018 C
R019 A$^\dagger$ R01A A$^\times$ R01B C R01C A$^\ddagger$ R01D C R01E A?
R01F C R020 B R021 B$^\ddagger$ R022 B$^\ddagger$ R023 C R024 A
R025 C R026 - R027 C R028 A R029 A$^\dagger$ R02A A
R02B C R02C A$^\dagger$ R02D C R02E A$^\dagger$ R02F B$^\times$ R030 A
R031 B$^\dagger$ R032 B$^\dagger$ R033 A R034 A$^\ddagger$ R035 - R036 C
R037 C R038 B$^\dagger$ R039 C R03A A$^\dagger$ R03B C R03C B
R03D C R03E A R03F B R040 B$^\dagger$ R041 A$^\dagger$ R042 B
R043 B R044 A R045 A R046 B R047 A$^\ddagger$ R048 A$^\dagger$
R049 B$^\dagger$ R04A A R04B C R04C C R04D B$^\dagger$ R04E -
R04F A$^\dagger$ R050 B$^\ddagger$ R051 C R052 C R053 B$^\ddagger$ R054 C
R055 B$^\ddagger$ R056 A$^\dagger$ R057 B R058 B R059 B R05A A$^\ddagger$
$^\dagger$ some parts of the program - others rated B or C
$^\ddagger$ with time restrictions
$^\times$ time filler
- not rated

30m telescope

IRAM received 106 proposals for the 30m telescope (see alphabetic list in Tab. 2), requesting 4636 hours of telescope time. Another 45 hours were requested by 12 interferometer proposals for zero spacing observations. The highest rating ``A'' was given to 31 proposals ; 53 proposals were rated ``B'', i.e. were given backup status. The remaining proposals, although scientifically valuable in most cases, were rated ``C''. The individual ratings are listed in the attached table. All A-rated proposals will be scheduled on the telescope, although some with less time than requested. We expect that about half of the B-rated programs will actually be scheduled. The selection will take into account scientific merit, crowding in certain right ascension ranges, and general aspects of balance. Proposals rated ``C'' will not get telescope time.

The zero spacing proposals are not listed here. They will be scheduled on the 30m if they get observed at Bure.

Table 2: IRAM 30m telescope proposal ratings for summer 2007
001-07 005-07$^1$ 003-07 004-07 008-07 002-07 011-07
006-07$^1$ 007-07 009-07$^1$ 010-07 012-07 015-07 016-07
014-07$^1$ 019-07 013-07 022-07 023-07 017-07 018-07
021-07 025-07 024-07 026-07 030-07 020-07 028-07
027-07 029-07 032-07 033-07 036-07$^1$ 031-07 039-07
034-07 035-07 038-07 040-07 041-07 045-07 046-07
037-07 043-07 042-07 044-07 047-07 065-07 072-07
053-07 054-07 048-07$^1$ 049-07 050-07 076-07 079-07
056-07 057-07 051-07 052-07 055-07 083-07 091-07
061-07$^1$ 062-07 058-07 059-07 060-07$^1$ 093-07 097-07
063-07 064-07 068-07$^1$ 069-07$^1$ 070-07 101-07 106-07
066-07 067-07 073-07$^1$ 074-07 077-07    
071-07 075-07 078-07 080-07 082-07    
081-07$^1$ 100-07 084-07 085-07$^1$ 086-07    
102-07 104-07 087-07 088-07 089-07    
105-07   090-07 092-07$^1$ 094-07    
    095-07 096-07 098-07    
    099-07 103-07$^1$      

$^1$: time reduced

Jan Martin WINTERS and Clemens THUM

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