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1.3 mm Plateau de Bure observations of IRC+10216

R. Lucas
Institut de RadioAstronomie Millimétrique, 300 rue de la Piscine, F-38406 Saint Martin d'Hères Cedex, France
Abstract: The Plateau de Bure millimeter-wave interferometer has been used at 1.3mm wavelength to observe the prototype carbon-star IRC+10216 in the continuum and in the v=1, J=13-11 transition of SiS at 234.8 GHz. The 3mm continuum and the tex2html_wrap_inline1329 HCN transition were simultaneously observed. The source of vibrationally excited SiS appears resolved, and a source size of tex2html_wrap_inline1331 or tex2html_wrap_inline1333 cm (10 stellar radii) is derived, in agreement with a crude model of line formation (Fig. 3).



Figure 3: Left: SiS (v=1) line emission for IRC+10216: Real part of visibility versus antenna spacing in m . Line channels between -32 and -22 kms tex2html_wrap_inline755 have been averaged, and the continuum has been subtracted. Right: Gaussian fit parameters to the SiS line emission, as a function of velocity: Full width at half maximum and line flux, as a function of LSR velocity. The continuous line shows the line parameters predicted by the model.